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John Bold, Jr.

Delhi, CA

I have been a member of WHEAT for the past 14 years and served as a board member, and now I serve as Vice President. I've loved old engines & tractors since I was a kid and have enjoyed going to shows over the years.

My lastest project is a 1937 John Deere A unstyled row crop tractor. This story begins in June 2014, when I was visiting with Dean Abbott  at his place looking around at all this really cool old iron, when I spotted a untyled John Deere model A tractor sitting under a tree and we talked about it for awhile then moved on to other items in the yard. Then in May 2017 the John Deere came up for auction and I got  the winning bid and took the John Deere and another tractor with it home the following day.

Restoration came quicker than I fiqured on when my brother and father (both club members) were excited to get started on the tractor. Expection of it found a stuck exhaust valve in the #2 cylinder, the mag had no spark, badly weathered rear tires, and a flat front tire; among other small things. We began disassembly in my brothers back yard making repairs and replacing parts, and rear tires and tubes as we went. Next came putting it back together, then trying to start it while it still sat up on blocks! after a few spins of the flywheel it roared to life! Next came prep, prime and paint, decals, ECT. The paint job was done by Patrick Bold. Then when all was finished I drove it for the first time. It had a few small things that still had to work on but it ran great! The project was completed within 3 months and was show for the first time at the Denair Farm and Family Festival.

Special Thanks to the following people who helped with the project-

Patrick Bold      John Bold, Sr.      Hilmar Tire & Wheel      Tractoropolis      and Me!


 Photo on left, tractor as found, photo on right tractor at auction 


Photo below, The finished tractor